Mike Moran

Productions - Writing

2021  Shadows Cast (full length): Hollins Summer Festival; Hollins University/Mill Mountain Theatre; Roanoke, VA
2020  And the Puppets Shall Lead the Way (one-act): St John's Episcopal Church; Roanoke, VA
2020  Scaramouche and Pinochle (one-act): Missouri S&T Theatre; St Louis, MO
2019  The Fortune Teller (one-act): Centerpieces Reading Series; Mill Mountain Theatre; Roanoke, VA
2016  Before Ever After (10-min play): Theatre Cedar Rapids; Cedar Rapids, IA
2015  The Heartless Giant (musical): commissioned by Kennedy High School; Cedar Rapids, IA
2014  Shatter of Rain (ten-minute musical): Theatre Cedar Rapids; Cedar Rapids, IA
2014  The Woman and the Frog (one-act musical): Theatre Cedar Rapids; Cedar Rapids, IA
2014  Ragged Ascent (one-act musical): Goatsinger Production; Mount Vernon, IA
2013  Fictional Murders (full-length): Dreamwell Theatre; Iowa City, IA
2012  In Hank's Brain (monologue play): Riverside Theatre; Iowa City, IA
2011  Eros Was Seen (ten-minute play): Dreamwell Theatre: Iowa City, IA
2010  Edge of the Pond (ten-minute play): MVLC Theatre; Lisbon, IA
2009  The Heartless Giant (one act): Odyssey Theatre; Mt. Vernon, IA
2002  Story of the Little Man (ten-minute play): City Theater; Wilmington, DE
1997  A Christmas Story (one act adaptation): commissioned by Theatre of Western Springs; Western Springs, IL      



Productions - Directing

2017  Alice in Wonderland; Mount Vernon, IA
2016  Before Ever After; Cedar Rapids, IA
2016  Wizard of Oz; Mount Vernon, IA
2015  The Heartless Giant; Cedar Rapids, IA
2014  The Phantom Tollbooth; Mount Vernon, IA
2013  Rose Red: MVLC Theatre; Mt Vernon, IA
2012  Pinnochio: Mt Vernon, IA
2010  The Fantasticks: Mt Vernon, IA
2007  Spoon River Anthology: Mt Vernon, IA
2005  Kiss Me, Kate: Mt Vernon, IA  
2004  The Adding Machine: Mt Vernon, IA
2004  Arsenic and Old Lace: Mt Vernon, IA
2003  Alcestis: Mt Vernon, IA


2020  Backchannels: "Three Tales from The Iowa Goatsinger"
2020  Everyday Fiction: "Agnes and the Bird"
2018  Whale Road Review: "Get the Banana: A Lesson in Action"
2018  Bitter Oleander: "Howie and the Hypnotist"
2017  Little Village Magazine: "Before Planting"
2016  great weather for MEDIA: "The Deer"
2007  Reflection's Edge E-Zine: "The Nekky-Bird Song"
2007  Slow Trains Journal: "Jacob's Breath"
2007  Reflection's Edge E-Zine: "Cliff's Edge"
2002  No Shame After September 11th (RistEntLtd): "Slicer Guy"
1997  Best Women's Stage Monologues (Smith and Kraus): "Scared of Demons"