Scarlet letter hanging like fruit low on the cherry tree 
Thunder tumbles – when will Jesus ever struggle free? 
Nobody, it never seems, has ever heard his screaming plea 

          We point our finger; we throw our stone 
          We blame our brother; we break our home 

This is the world – we created the world 
          Let the scales drop from your eyes 
          You been in hell long enough now it's time to rise 

Poison apple missing a bite – my foe stretched in the shade 
I held my wrath – look now what my secrets made 
Is it just the thought of getting caught that keeps me afraid? 

          (I need to) Find the garden; seek the grail 
          Take the bride; tear the veil 

This is our world – this lovely, messed-up world 
          Give up your anger – drop your lies 
          You've been afraid long enough now it's time to rise 

                   Like a bird who finally feels her wings 
                   Fly from this grove of sorrow 
                   Meet us here tomorrow; we'll all join hands 
                   Consider our horizon, and we'll make our stand 
                   And rise… 

Three days in the grave, child, I think is time 
Enough, let’s roll back the stone – this world is no longer mine 
You gotta heal the wounds – you gotta find the shine 

                   Fight your fear; let go the rage 
                   It's time to usher in a healing age 

This is your world – it's time to save the world 
          Let the pennies drop from your eyes 
          On your feet, take this hand, make your stand, and rise… 


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