A workshop-page for a new solo piece currently in development. Melding a contemporary family drama with the myth of Apollo the Sun God and Pytho the Dragon, the goatsinger tells the story of a man who, after decades of domestic abuse by his wife, finally stands up to her – only to discover how monstrously she will retaliate.

An exploration not just of character and family, but an examination of gender expectations from a fresh perspective.

Apollo Eclipsed

The Intro. I keep seeing this as if it's a professor coming out and beginning a lecture.

"Polly Pretty Polly" is an old murder ballad with the lyrics turned on its head. I'm debating on changing the lyric to "Polly, Big Polly".

Stagingwise, I'd love to see a shadow-puppet piece running tandem with this.

"The Alukah" A little history on bloodsuckers and how they work in the real world.

"BAM-BAM EXPLAINS HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER" If Pytho breathes poisons, what would the real-world equivalent be? How does one become a poison-breathing monster?